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Started by noztheviking, August 11, 2009, 21:04:49 CET

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Help PLEASE, Can any body tell me when you go bottom fishing in Malta, Do you Anchor up or do you fish on the drift. ALSO if you do anchor up, with the bottom being so rocky and snaggy do you rig your anchors to trip, This is when you fish from the boat of course thanks for your help


When i go bottom fishing i never put my anchor down.Unless i am in shallow waters and i find a very good place!!
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No you dont need to anchor. its better if leave the boat to move with the current so that you are changeing area all the time.


in malta you do not have those heavy UK currents. The sea is completely different.

in winters we get that very high currents but mostly from MAY till SEPT you can easily do bottom fishing without anchoring
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tHANK YOU GENTS.  AS USEUALL FIRST CLASS REPLIES, WE are used to having huge tidal rises and falls as well as massive currents to put up with all the year round, its just that I had never seen anybody anchor up while Ihave been out there


Guys, something else you might want to try in calm weather is to leave the anchor half way down (inhalli l-ankra nofs bahar)


else you might throw a floating anchor
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using a sea anchor can help you to slow down the boat and they are quiet efficiant. Can be made from anything like an empty bucket or large piece of cone shaped cloth tied with a rope to the boat.
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Ta Bormla has floating anchors...
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everyone should have one his boat as part of the emergency kit
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