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End of Summer BBQ - 2nd October

Started by skip, September 23, 2009, 18:01:01 CET

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The schedule has us earmarked for an end of summer BBQ on the 2nd October, to include wives/partners at Armier Lido.

Summer seems to have ended earlier this year, but I would like to see who would still be interested in attending.

Venue: Armier Lido - Covered/Sheltered but next to the beach

Buffet Style Food: Pre-Order 1/2 Roast Chicken, or Beef Cuberoll or Fish
                        accompanied by Chips, and 5 kinds of Salad (eg. Cous Cous, pasta salad, Roast Veg)
                        Fresh Fruit
                        Glass of Wine each

                        Price: ?15.00 per person

Drinks from the bar at published prices.


I'm in Friday and Saturdays are both fine for me.

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Don't forget to include numbers and if you know from now what you would like to eat :)



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If Friday I am in for sure possibly my wife will join but depends on the children!!

both of us for chicken

Skip Saturday There is Notte Bianca in Valletta
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i'm booked for the 2nd :( otherwise i would have come!
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Alija ok boss : )

Boys only jew bil girls ukoll did darba ??

Chris  8)



Mela x 2 aw :) Friday jew Saturday l ahjar alija  ;)

Chris  8)


beef x 2 Friday or Saturday ok for me.


Looks like we'll go for Friday due to Notte Bianca


chicken x 2 Friday OK for me


Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.


Fortuna x 1     fish
Alfadelta x 2    chicken
Gazzetta x 2   
Busumark x 2  Beef
Suffrun x 2     Chicken
Camkev x 1     Beef


Fortuna x 1     fish
Alfadelta x 2    chicken
Gazzetta x 2    
Busumark x 2  Beef
Suffrun x 2     Chicken
Camkev x 1     Beef
Skip x 2         Chicken

12 and counting....