suzuki 30hp 2 stroke

Started by kffarr, October 13, 2009, 08:08:49 CET

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Can someone tell me if these motors  are good or if they give trouble. and if you have one of these how much is the boat license per annum & insurance bilfors?


What year kffarr? You can't buy a new 2 stroke anymore.


HI, kffarr, depending on the yom of the motor, i had the grey model which ended up with a seized engine since the device which mix the oil with pertol malunctioned . the motor need sleeves as a matter of fact i am selling the for parts,

Take care for this fault and they are very good.

as Regards licence it 's around €80
always want to fish.... why.... cos fun ux!!!


No skip its not new. Its colour is similar to the new 4 stroke ones.