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Fish Calendar for shore fishing

Started by sharktail, November 09, 2009, 21:25:31 CET

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Any idea if someone ever came across a "Fish Calander" of types of fish around the Maltese shores? i.e. what fish and in which months do they usually get close to shore?



check this thread: http://maltafishingforum.com/talk/index.php/topic,344.0.html

alternatively buy the sajd bir rixa book, it has good alot of awesome info plus the calendar ;)


thanks fish-noob, but could not access that link, prob due to rights... and the book "Sajd bir-rixa" seems to be more related to boat fishing rather than shore fishing, although probably still worth and interesting... will have a look at it. thks.


Sharktail, you're correct about the link and not working for you.  The link redirects you to the VIP, Premium members area.  That is why we urge all members to take up either VIP or Premium membership.  For just 8 euros annually (Premium Mamber), a whole lot of information is made available to you, you can upload pictures into the gallery, a reduced entrance fee for forum competitions, whilst you'll be contributing to the upkeep of the site, which believe it or not, requires a considerable time of money and effort to keep running.  Also, you'll qualify for special discounts offered by the various Malta Fishing forum sponsors.
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