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Gnejna: Float fishing

Started by tancred, November 23, 2009, 16:54:39 CET

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What fish can be caught, using pole and float, from Gnejna during this time of the year? What about vopi? Thanks.

Kevin G

onces I maid a good fishing day from chicken area with big vopi and mullet using bread and cheese.
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where exactly is chicken area please?


On the right hand side when your facing the sea in the parking area there is a wide rocky area sticking out and another small 'island' nxt to this outcrop..Thats "ic-chicken"
Its gnejna's "slipway" where boats are launched from,there is also a bunch of signs saying its illegal to park there.


the chicken area , is the slip way , this saturday i saw a good number of nice sized vopi , while spearfishing .
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It seems that this year the big vopi is going to be good. It being seen around malta in different places.


thanks, guys.
any idea how deep the water is there (at chicken!)?


Not much at the edge maybe 15-16ft or approx 5m on the side facing the small island and a bit more on the other side say around 7m-9m or there about's  :)


Any ideas where there are big vopi up north please?
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between malta and ghawdex bin nassa ghax kont rajt wiehed ma mr fish fil programm li ghamel f ottubru
Sejjer ghal tal qiegh!!


What are the best times of the day for nice vopi? Do they bite late evening/early night?


the  good time to vopi is in 11:00a.m to3:00p.m in he s season , and i caught the vopi in summer they was about 15cm, and the time can be different
Sejjer ghal tal qiegh!!


QuoteAny ideas where there are big vopi up north please?

Azzopardi or Connie nahseb...... lol :D
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cheers mate! I'll give it a go!
I'd rather be fishing.....


Does she have a tank maybe you can drop your line in there?!