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Access to the gallery

Started by skip, March 04, 2010, 16:08:31 CET

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Those wanting full access to the forum boards, to both view or post within our gallery will need to sign up as either Premium or if they wish VIP members. This is different from 2009 but we feel that people have gained alot from the Malta Fishing Forum at no charge and its time to help cover costs, with a very basic member fee of €8 to become a premium member.

VIP Membership will cost €20 per year with a special designation within the forum of 'VIP Member'. As a VIP member you will gain access to certain additional restricted priviledged boards as well as getting special entrance fee's for competitions, unlimited non-commercial classified listings that you can upload directly, and discounts from various companies, including recognition within the forum of VIP Member. You will also have unrestricted access to the gallery for uploads, creation of personal galleries etc.

Your forum identification card will show 'VIP Member'

Premium Membership will remain at only €8 per year and will give you access to the discount scheme with various companies, a reduced entrace fee for competitions and the recognition within the forum of Premium Member. You will be entitled to view and upload pictures of your catches to the gallery, but you will not have access to personal galleries. You have full access within the forum boards.

For more information on the benefits associated with becoming a Premium or VIP member on the Malta Fishing Forum, please read here www.maltafishingforum.com/talk/index.php/topic,2473.0.html


I have temporarily opened up view only gallery access to standard online forum members (MFF) so that they can see the Alongi Competition Pics - this is only temporary.

Temp. Access Removed