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Started by gottie, July 03, 2007, 11:40:14 CET

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Some people complain that this fish is dry. But I think its all about how its cooked.

Do not cut the steaks too thick, use plenty of olive oil and do not over cook.

One important thing to remember is to bleed the fish as soon as they are caught.
You should stick a knife just above the spot where the long fin comes out.

5 minutes shallow fry, low gas mark, with plety of olive oil, basil, lemon and some wine. 

enjoy !


I must agree - but I prefer to BBQ this fish - 3 minutes each side - I marinate in white wine and a bit of oil for a couple of hours before BBQ'ing.

The fish comes out moist and tender - not dry at all.


Simon G

you have not tasted albacore until you smoke it (like bacon) it is deliiiisciuus
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there were other receipts for alunga but i cant find them can someone tell me were they are posted


Anyone, knows of False albacore (Kubrit) is good to eat ?  I caught a big one (15kg+).


gottie kubrita makes better eating than albacore its more oily so doesnt dry as much.


The way I cook Albacore is to place the fish steaks in an oven proof dish, then mix olive oil, white wine and lemon juice and poor over fish steaks. Seasone with salt and pepper, and sprinkle with garlic, and any fresh herbs you like (mint, marjuram, parsley etc). You may leave to marinate, or cook straight away
To cook either cover with foil and cook for 20min, or uncovered 10min on each side. They remain nice and moist, and the marinade left over in the dish after cooking, can be thickened with some corn flour mixed with a bit of cold water to make a really good sauce.
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I used to cook alabacore on BBQ.Marinate them in some wine and some herbs,then just a few minutes on each side.Very good. :)
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Simon G, Do you have any simple home way how to smoke food? Would like to try the albacore that way, sounds good.
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hello ppl im new here ... can someone tell me if kubrit can i catch it from the (moll ) ??????????


Welcome on board barakus, maybe you can introduce yourself in the introduction section.

Regarding the Kubrita, it is possible to be caught from shore especially by spinning and also by mrejkba.

NB Kubrita is NOT albacore !!

Chris  8)