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Started by skip, July 15, 2010, 22:46:08 CET

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ORIS Alongi Competition Presentation Event - Friday 23rd July 19:45 at Giordanos, Swieqi

Please confirm your attendance as we need to know numbers, by putting down your name on this post indicating number of people coming and food order if required
(eg. Pasta x 4, Kids x 2)

Open to all, including family & Friends

Free Raffle Ticket to each person who purchases the adult menu and a chance to win some fantastic fishing prizes

Food If Required
A buffet pasta night will be available for €8.95 per person, Garlic Bread, 4 different types of pasta, each as much as you want & Dessert
Kids Menu - Nuggets & Chips, or Chicken Burger & Chips or Burger & Chips for €4.00 including a soft drink

Presentation Ceremony

A medal for all skipper's and crew that weighed-in at the finish point
Presentation of the prizes and Trophies


AlphaDelta   5 Adults, Pasta x5
A Bad Day Fishing still beats a good day at work...



Robby017 x4 Pasta
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Will tell later since that i am quite busy, and after sicily I may be working a couple of days.
Ear Pain aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Skip - pls book x 2  pasta/dinner - names :- Colin and Naski - looking forward to seeing you all on the 23rd.  Do we pay for the dinners at the restaurant or shall we remit the basic charge in advance? BTW - It was real great briefly communicating with you and Jonathan yesterday on the "highs seas"... I never knew ladies (Jonathan's better half) were so keen on Alongi fishing, got a shock when she called me on the VHF!!
It appears something is defective with my VHF antenna, not sure yet, tried the hand held ICOM34 but still could not get you clear. We had a great day and was pleased to see you & The Gaffer around. Despite the scorching heat that we all encountered along with the calm seas we did  quite well.... until my brother stopped us fishing cos of his weird conservation ideas..!~!..., out again tomorrow with a friend's boat...for a change!


Please pay Warren directly at Giordano's on the day. Thanks


Good Evening Skip,
For me 6 adults buffet pasta and 2 children.



Team BoatLinkMalta.com: Pasta x 3 (Freedive, Jonathan, Kathleen)
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I'd rather be fishing.....


Do we simply have to post the number of people here or should we also phone Giordano's directly? I believe I had read something about the latter but I cannot find this anywhere now  ??? Can someone please advise how we should proceed?
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We'll let them know based on the numbers here


Guys this should be a fun night out for us all to meet and discuss the competition and recent experiences when fishing for Alongi this year. I went ahead and ordered medals for the skipper and crews of all those who made it to the weigh-in, a small momento of the first ORIS Alongi Competition.

In addition Okuma Malta and the MFF will be sponsoring some fishing prizes for the free raffle giving all those present a chance to win something as well, and the ticket is free (it comes with your meal purchase). We haven't met up in a while so it's like a summer BBQ (except Pasta based!!), and as mentioned people don't have to order food if they don't want, just put your names down and No Food, but at least the venue owner Warren knows how many tables he needs to prepare.

I also expect at the very least 1 member of the winning teams to be present, if they're not those prizes will be re-distributed (eg. if the person who came 5th doesn't turn up, prizes for 5th go the 6th and those from the 6th to the 7th etc etc).

So far numbers are very very low which is disappointing after all the effort that has been put in, we kept the presentation till after the World Cup to avoid any clashes. Hope that people will book in the next few days, as I said, even if they don't want food.


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