How do I change my avatar?

Started by blueskip, August 20, 2010, 19:08:41 CET

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I have been through all the help topics but cant find out how to change my avatar, my friend took a good photo of me overtaking him last week & I am bored with the non-action one I have up at the moment, I must show some movement! ;D


Thats very easy.
1st go to Profile
2nd go to Modify profile and press Forum profile information
3rd upload or select a picture from my pictures which is in yyour documents
4th press change profile and this should save your new picture.
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Well done Fishfinder worked a treat, I hope you have tight lines! ;)


does there is any resolution for the aviator cos for me was really had to change?


hello guys!! How I can upload mine avatar? There is no that choice at mine... :( Any help?
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Takis, only Premium and VIP members can have a custom avatar at the moment.