Spinning rods ultra light action

Started by Carmelo, December 15, 2010, 14:21:45 CET

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Hi all ....
I m not that new to fishing eheh xD .... but i ve been starting with spinning lately this summer catching some cudas and serra and cerviole ...
I want to buy a spinning rod with an action ultra light ( 5-10 grams MAXIMUM )  2 pieces where to put a shimano reel 1000 ...and braided berkley line of the .14 mm.... which rod do u suggest me with this characteristic ???


Hello Carmelo, I will try to help you with a few rods that I can get for you.  These rods are from MajorCraft, designed and built in Osaka, Japan.  the quality is second to none and they are a masterpiece. A Shimano 1000 reel may be a little too small, I would opt for a 2000 or 3000 depending on the model and it's weight.

Troutino Satsuki - TT-702L - 2 pc


Slicer - SS-63ML - 1 pc


Corkish - CKS-652ML - 2 pc


Official Molix, Major Craft, DUO and SeaSpin agent for Malta.


thanks ...do u know how is much  the price of the 7 foot 2-10 grams please


Official Molix, Major Craft, DUO and SeaSpin agent for Malta.



i would opt for a 2500 reel size if you are going for a shimano.  There is barely any difference in weight between the 1000 and 2500, you might need that extra bit of line. and with a wider spool you'll be able to cast further
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