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Started by nivram017, April 22, 2011, 13:57:05 CET

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Hi ppl,
this year i got interested in starting some deep drop fishing with an electric reel. Usually we use line and hook however we rarely got some good results. I came across a well priced electric fishing reel on the net which is the new Banax Kaigen 1000. Does anyone have ever used a similar one? Can anyone give me some feedback whether such reel is a good performer or wheter it is missing some essential feature?. What type of rod shall i get and what else do i need to have a complete gear please?. Any help is very much appreciated as i am new to this type of fishing.


Personally I've never heard of these reels.  I use kristal fishing 650 and Miya Epoch 4.  Depends what depth you're targeting, area, and fish.  I use a Diawa dendoh bent but rod, as this fits snugly into the gunnel roadholder and provides the exact angle for fishing.  Spool up with a good quality spectra braid.  Again, depending on the depth you're hoping to fish in, you need to match your lead weight.  if you could at least provide more info on target species and depth, then I'm sure you'll get the right anwsers.
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Hi Gaffer, thanks a lot for your reply. I am targeting to fish at  around 300m and over for some Bazuk, skorfon t'ghajnu etc. This is some info i got from the seller's site if it may help............... (I am not sure about the jigging feature yet, still to have it confirmed!)

Banax combine their finest components and features with precision manufacturing technology. It provides strong cranking power by an eletric motor and adjust accurate depth bay digital control.

What makes the Banax electric reels so much better than traditional electrics?   
First of all, they are Electric or Manual so no need to worry about blown fuses or dead batteries when you have
the big one on.  They are much lighter, faster, quieter, smarter, and in many cases just as strong or stronger. 
They also have a line counter, level-wind, and auto-stop features.  These reels make a great day of fishing that
much better.  No more hand cranking to check your bait.

Are the reels Electric or Manual?
Our reels are electric, manual, or both.  They can be strictly electric by using the Speed Adjustable Accelerator
Lever, strictly manual by using the handcrank, or both by using the Speed Adjustable Accelerator Lever &
handcrank simultaneously.  The handcrank remains stationary in electric mode unless you choose to turn it.

Does the Banax have an Auto-Stop feature?
Yes, and it's great.  This prevents pulling your swivel or kite through the eye of your rod.  Just engage the speed
adjustable accelerator lever and walk away.

What power source can I use?
The reels are 12V (DC) like most other electric reels.  A 12V battery is your best choice, however we use 12V
(400 amp) portable jump starters and they last an entire day of fishing with to 2 people using it.
What kind of power cord comes with reels?
The Banax come with 9ft (nine foot) power cords with alligator clips.

Who is Banax?
"Banax" (as it is now known) was originally founded as a joint venture with Daiwa-Japan in 1973 and separated
from Daiwa-Japan in 1986.  It merged with LG Int'l Corp. in July of 1992 and re-branded itself Bando Sports Ltd.
in August of 1992. The "Banax" brand was created in 1997 and the company later changed it's name to Banax
Co., LTD in 2002.  Banax's baitcasting reels have long been a favorite of bass fishermen.

Standard Features:

Aluminum machine cut handle knob.
Black anodized aluminum diecasting frame.
Aluminum forged spool.
Smooth three carbon drag washers. (Total 6 washers)
Washable design.
Power "ON/OFF" and speed control available by speed lever.
Jigging function available.
Sensitive adjustable digital unit to set the depth.
Memory back up while unplug a moment.
Braking the motor during overspeed.
2 Ball bearings.
Standard weight 1620g.
Max Drag force 20Kgs
Instant maximum winding power 35Kgs.
Pratical max retrieve power: 10Kgs.
Max speed: 160m/min
Gear ratio 2.8:1


Great writeup.  Spool up with 50 to 60lbs specrta briad.  Misterfish and Buona pesca Trading both stock good quality braid, its your choice.  Terminate with a 70lb leader and have 4 to 5 hook strands.  You should ideally mount your hook strands on rotating swivels and beads.  Also use full circle hooks as these prevent the fish from disgourging the hook.  Use at least 1kg wieght as lead, and tie the lead to your terminal line using a 20 to 30lb line.  That way, if your weight gets stuck to the bottom,(which beleive me, it will) you only lose the weight.  As for bait, again, this is according to your preference, but stripes of tumbrell, clamaretti and shrimps are all good bait.
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BANAX are imported by Buona Pesca Trading. my friend just bought 2 two weeks ago and we tried them 2 times. they seem to be good reels strong, and have good speed when going up with out fish so you save some time. i was using a 1.8 kg lead and it was no problem for the reel even with some bazug hooked. we put 800 mtrs of 152 Lbs braid 0.54 mm. its the same like the Daiwa tanacom bull even same functions but cheaper.

PM OKUMA-1976 he can give you more information


gaffer thanks a lot for your detailed description of the setup i will try to set one up and give it a try. Thanks to you as well busu. I will try to contact Okuma and have a look at Buona Pesca as well. At what depth do you usually fish for Bazug please?


OKUMA-1976 and Buona Pesca Trading are the same. For bazug you can fish between 350 - 500 metres


Is PE 6 or PE 8 (Braid) good for spooling?


PE line ratings are what the Japanese use and are more focused on diameter.

A simple way of determining PE ratings is to simply multiply the PE number x 10 to get LB strenght.  e.g. PE5 = 50lb approx.  But you will always have some braid makers whose PE5 breaks well above the nominal 50lb. 

YGK Ultra is a good example where its
PE5 = 86lb, PE8 = 113lb!   Apart from being very smooth it is very strong for its diameter and expensive to match.

So I would say PE5 would be fine for your application. 


If you do a search on the forum you will find a write up on PE ratings that i posted a while ago.
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I have tried the search however i got no result. Is it usual to catch capullazz as well? And what type of knot should be used between the braid and the leader? Any particular tools that need to be used?


Quote from: clutch_kick on April 23, 2011, 15:22:44 CET
If you do a search on the forum you will find a write up on PE ratings that i posted a while ago.

Just to help you and others, whenever you want to do a general search on the forum, first click on the main board index , using the button 'FORUM' near the MFF logo top right hand side and then search in the white box on the top right hand side. Otherwise you are just searching within your current board.,3222.0.html



nivram017 do not use very thick braid as this will make more resistance in the bottom currents. between .50 /.55mm is the best. and use a big swivel between the braid and the leader.

if you contact buona pesca he will definetly help you and I suggest that you buy locally such equipment because from ebay or so it will not be easy to be covered with a guarantee.
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Is a 20-30lb rated rod such as the Shimano Catana 1.65m  good for this type of fishing?