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Started by benri, September 13, 2007, 14:53:31 CET

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Dear All,
1st of all thanks for this informative forum which i just came across today! I bought a 15ft open flecther with an outboard johnson 90 before summer and started to learn to manouver it. Now, I love shore fishing for sargi and griebel with casting rods very much but never had experience on boats and would love to start trolling. Here come my silly questions:
This winter I'm taking the boat apart and would like to add another small outboard motor to troll with - what HP would you recommend please?
Is there some sort of calander at which period to troll for which fish? eg. in september for lampuki etc..
I'm moored in st pauls bay - which are the best areas to troll about and how do you find good reefs/spots for trolling around?
I also "inherited" a number of trolling lines - how can I tell for which fish they are?
thanks for reading and sorry for being so long.
I'd rather be fishing.....


Welcome to the forum.

Offhand not sure what outboard kicker would be best for that boat, maybe a 9.9hp converted to 15hp. Guess it would depend a bit, but I would try and look around and see what others are using on a similar sized boat.

Fish calendar is being worked on by one of the forum members, check out his topic.

Good reefs/spots/drop-offs your best option is to buy a maritime chart of the local waters and start looking for the drop-offs and reefs, this is cheaper than buying a GPS Map though thats a very handy tool. Also speak to locals who fish out of St. Pauls. Not had much success myself, directly out from Xemija.

On the lines, post some pics of the lures.


From where do you buy the maritime charts ??


got mine from thomas smith valletta a few yrs ago cost 10 liri then approaches to malta and ghawdex also i believe from d, agata ix-xatt ta,xbiex have them.


Thanks for helping me out, I didn't even know that there were these maritime charts


I'd rather be fishing.....