New to fishing, wanting advice from the experienced ones :D

Started by nemxu, July 07, 2011, 20:06:14 CET

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Hi there,

I only started fishing since I got my dinghy and have loved every moment of it. I strongly believe in trial and error and trying different things to see what works, however some help from the experienced ones won't help :D

I usually go trolling around the ports and my biggest was 1.5kg the name of it I have no idea... someone told me sawrell and the other cervjola? Sorry don't know the spelling of the 2nd... I attached a pic. Was very very happy with the catch :D Was using a rod with a green metal lure around 4cm I think. My first catch of this summer was using a shiny green spinning lure... (colour coincindence?)

I have alot of questions :D

What times are best to fish? I don't fish for long hours... usually from 5am till 8am

Do you drive faster in summer times? What's the best speed for trolling?

What type of lures are good? I have a lot of lures and im sure 70% of them are not even good for fishing in malta. I had luck with that green metal lure, however alot of people are saying spinning lures are better.

What type of line should I use? At the moment I use a standard monofilimate line, however people have different opinions. Some say flurocarbon is better, some say its weaker. What type of line do you use for trolling?

Sorry for the questions. However I am sure this is just the beginning! :D

I want to get setup for lampuki this year so many questions for to comee!!

Thank you very much for the help. Much appreciated.

Sorry cannot upload pic for some reason.


I am sure that if you search in the forum and read the various threads, you will find many help.
I am not a fisherman, or at least I am also in the beginning.
For sure the best time for many species is sunset, and sunrise where the fish are more active.

Good luck mate
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it's more the trolling during the day that is somewhat pointless, tough atm there are alot of bluerunners/sawrell tal imperjal running around and those from my experiance don't give a damn about what time it is. For sure u will have a hard time catching cudas during the day.
Best of luck on you'r trips mate and as baghira pointed out, the forum is filled with info on how to set up. What i can suggest is to get some info on what kind of fish are currently "being cought" and adapt your equipment accordingly.


time to fish - you are fishing ideal time

drive faster - check the swim of your lure and see it is going nicely as a real fish .... 2-5 knots generally

line to use - on rods use 0.25mm - 0.30mm in reel and get a little bit thinner using a swivel in the termination 0.22mm is okay

the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


Thank you for the help guys.

However when all these thicknesses of line etc come out is when I start getting confused. Currently I have a standard line on my reel with a swivel then further down I tie the lure.

Is that wrong? Because I've been hearing that I need to make a leader?



Last year I trolled for the first time using .23mm fluorocarbon leader as opposed to the mono and I must admit I had more strikes and catches on sawrell than the previous years. Usually I use a small lure about 4cm. The ones I had most catches on were lures from Megabait and Olympus and also on small rubber grubs. Also caught 4 cudas using an imsella lure about 24cm long. Unfortunately I still have to catch my first lampuka or another decent big sized fish. I always prefer the first hours of the day as you said from 5am to 8am. Though I need catch a good number of sawrell at around 10am in the scorching sun. I usually troll at around 3 knots.
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I too am looking to catch my first lampuka!!! :D they are sexy beasts :P lol

Do you adjust the speed you drive according to the wind?

Where do you usually go trolling?


I do tend to increase a bit the speed when I'm going against the wind. St Paul's Bay area
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How would I calculate how fast I am going? lol I don't have any fancy gizmos... is there a traditional way to find the speed?



Glad to hear you have got the fishing bug :)  If you would like more info we would be more than happy to help out.