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Windlass Stopped!

Started by geekorgy, August 10, 2011, 09:37:23 CET

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I am looking for someone to take a look at and help me fix the windlass on a 1995 bayliner 2655 ciera, whilst berthed at mgarr harbor.

It failed the last time i used it, and i had to pull it up manually. it failed with no noise, smoke or other weirdness, the button just does nothing now : when trying it makes no sounds no clicks from the motor ... nothing.

I have traced the cable from the battery (quite a thick cable, something like a 6awg) and found no fuse or circuit breaker. Some searches online show that there should be a breaker or fuse within 40" inches of the battery itself, i don't see one :(

I have not tested the solenoid, nor have i tried to connect a battery supply directly to the motor for a second to see if it kicks (to test if the motor is in-fact burnt), though i plan to do this today or tomorrow.

In any case, i would really like some help from someone knowledgeable in such things to come and do it with me, and while there take a look at a few other small issues i have been having with plumbing etc (head tap does not run and a few other small things).

Anyone interested ? give me a shout at [removed] or [removed]





Indeed there should be a 40-60amp breaker either near the battery or often they are placed near the dashboard......this will either be with a red toggle switch or perhaps a pop out breaker.

Up in the anchor compartment there may be another large fuse block near the solenoid....if you are not even hearing a clicking noise then my guess is that the main supply fuse/breaker has tripped.

What brand is the windlass? You can call Ken at Camilleri Marine and mention the forum, they are the agents for Quick windlasses so they have an electrical engineer who specialises in these on hand. Make sure you confirm the labour rate in advance, including any costs for coming up to Gozo as he's not cheap!

Tel: (+356) 21 346 320
Fax: (+356) 21 345 414
Mob: (+356) 9943 9954
E-mail: camarine@ellcee.com


Thanks Skip!

Ill give it a go, cheers :)


I managed to find the circuit breaker!
I had called someone to come help, but before they came i found an unknown, unmarked switch in a strange location above the battery selector... i cant believe i never tried it before - but anyway, i flicked it over and bingo, the windlass works again :)

i feel like a bit of a muppet but thanks for the tip :)


Alex, I believe you bought this boat second hand so it's understandable you aren't going to know where all the fuses and breakers are especially if they are not marked! But at least you found the problem and saved yourself a call out fee just to flip a tripped breaker :)