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Newcomer to Malta

Started by johnwsnr, November 28, 2007, 08:59:17 CET

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Have a new home in Mellieha which I will be using from March 2008.
I'm a keen on course fishing in the UK & have sea fished but not for some years.
Want to start shore fishing in Malta.
What would be a good starting location for me to get my hand in & what sort of tackle & baits would be best to buy.

The Angler

Will you be having a boat or will u practice shore fishing? Naturally boat fishing can be more rewarding but during the windy season you will end up not fishing at all. Although March is not the best month, if you go to the local tackle shops you will notice the most frequent catches of the period. The best catches will start in June. At the moment a lot of calamari are being caught even from the shore.

Anyway hope you have fun and keep us posted.



Hi john, i myself have just moved to malta from the ukand am living in Birzebbuga in the southern end of the island i have not fished here for about 30 yrs and am very keen to start afresh over here. I used to fish every weekend in the uk and fished competitions exclusively. I am trying to learn all the techniques and baits that the guys are using over here and would be very interested to hear how you are getting on and maybe one day meet up so we can put our heads together.
just wish there was carp in malta!


hello newcomer.

my name is Adrian Nelson and i live in BBUGIA. Should you like to know more around fishing in BBUGIA come search for me on the shores as I usually fish pretty bay most of the time. I am around in a white berlingo with the Rapala logo on it.

it's a nice place to spend some shore fishing time here for mullet or giltheads and other breams using a small boat in the freeport area.

We usually fish mullet the way you fish the shy carp in your waters. as rigging we prefer fixed float or running float.
we go down to 0.12mm lines and even 0.10 and 0.08mms. normally we use bread flake locally known as FARKA which you can buy semi prepared from Dove pet shop locally behind the chuch area.
giltheads are caught on yabbies or ragworm (not easy to find in BBUGIA - nearest is MR FISH in Fgura village)
In rough south seas we rig with stiffer rods using thicker lines up to 0.25mm for locally known XILEP, mullet and Sargi.

In spring to early summer it is nice to go offshore (aroud 10 - 20 miles off the FIlfla area for ALEONGI and some other game fish like swords and tuna)

In October to May it is good for squid fishing preferably with boat.

all the best and tight lines and welcome to my beloved village (you chose one of the loveliest ports in Europe - although over fished with gill nets)

see you and have fun. Should you like to give me a call my mobile is 79476448 and give u more information.
::) :-* :'( 8) :o >:( ;D :) ;) :D ??? ::) :P

the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing