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Any comments on the Evinrude etec large outboards by someone who has been using them for some years. Needs some feedback as I am considering etec for a repower on a Buccanneer 19.5


Hi, I have a 2011 ETEC 225hp, so it's the 3.3L V6 that I ran for 80 hours in one season. Reason I went for the ETEC was a) the price and warranty compared b) my relationship with the dealer.

I very much believe in buy the dealer not the brand and as it happens I was offered the best price for that size outboard. I did also consider Suzuki at the time, but the price was so much higher that it wasn't a contender for me.

The ETECs now come with 5 years warranty and 3 years no maintenance (although I still like to check drive oil etc for peace of mind). Engine has that classic 2 stroke punch, I love it's noise though my wife would have probably preferred a 4 stroke.

My package came with 2 MFD digital gauges, control box, and stainless prop. You will need to factor in power steering if you don't have it. Ran flawlessly for the entire season, starts with 1/2 a second, and I can provide fuel burn figures for my rig if you're interested.

What size outboard are you looking at and how will you be spending the majority of your running hours? Cruising, trolling, etc


Really new to boating. Bought a hull, removed an inboard and will be replacing it by an outboard. My transom is 31 inches - not notched and would not like to lower/notch it. This means I have to go for an engine with a 3o inch shaft meaning hp will have to be around 225 (and few dealers seem to be able to deliver this now  - for example Yamaha will not this year).  The motor will have to be on a jackplate so as to lift the motor at the end of the day and be able to tilt it over the transom (there is no motor well). Weight is and is not really an issue. One of my main dilemmas is 4 stroke or 2 stroke and the contenders as things stand are Suzuki and Evinrude.


I have the same configuration 2011 225Hp Etech like Skip. No problems at all. Till this very day great motor. I am still convinced that a 2 stroke is better than a 4 stroke in anything except maybe lowrev sound.
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I am not an expert but I suggest that you try to communicate with the manufacturer of the boat and take some advice from him 
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Thanks to all - am taking in what is being said here.


Joe what is the exact model of Buccaneer that you have? The other option would be to see if Charles has some kind of extension that was already designed for that boat when the owner wanted to go with outboard power rather than inboard.

This may negate the need for an XXL shaft and Jackplate etc

How are Suzuki doing with prices this year, not sure if the EURO is strong or weak against the Yen. For smoothness, super quiet idling and trolling after having been on a similar sized Zuke 225 I would have to say that a good 4-stroke is the king. I love my ETEC but I am envious of 4 strokes.....even hearing a big 300hp Zuke start is pretty amazing, it sounds like a car and then you hear nothing. The only tell-tale sign that it is running is the water pee-jet!

They do however lose out when it comes to power punch (Suzuki try and counter that with a double reduction gearbox to then swing a very large prop), and maintenance costs of a big 4stroke are always going to be more than a 2 stroke DI.


It's not one of the latest models. It's an open, centre console, clutter free and was used by the a dive school that I dive with so I had been on the boat quite a number of times. Had a mercruiser 3 litre I believe 140hp Zdrive (which need to be removed) so the transom is flat and does not have a step down to immediately receive an outboard. I did consider an extension pod for the outboard but this plus the outboard would have lengthened the whole thing by over a metre (which I did not want) so am opting for a hydraulic jackplate that would only be used to lift the motor at the end of the day over the transom.
I think you helped in my dilemma. I did go to Suzuki and must admit (even though I am new and have no particular friends or preferences among the suppliers) they were very helpful at the store. Price-wise I believe in the region of 15000 for a 200hp + gauges etc+ stainless prop + installation. The problem seems to be that not everyone is 'able' (???) to immediately confirm they can supply a 225 30 inch shaft for one reason or other - a 'dawn ghandna siehbi' attitude. I was actually told by one supplier that they were eager to see their brand more on the back of boats but then backed off when I said what I wanted because they will not be importing 'big' motors.

I believe it is going to be Suzuki mainly out of conviction.
May I just add that the responses one gets here are actually better and feel more honest than certain foreign sites that pounce on every opportunity to immediately engage in brand bashing with a mine is better than yours mentality.

Thanks to all contributors re my question.


Just a word of advice......have a good look at the CE plate on your boat and specifically the max KW/HP it is rated for as most probably with a change of engine you will require a survey and a surveyor is like to check the max HP against what you have installed.

The hydrualic jackplate should allow you to still use a 25 inch engine, thereby not needing to go OTT with the HP.

The DF200/225/250 all weigh the same a base weight of 263kgs whereas the 175hp weighs in at 215kgs or 220kgs in the 25inch leg.

You mentioned that you would just use the jackplate to lift the engine up and over at the end of the day, but once you have a hydraulic plate installed, you can experiment with running at different engine heights on the fly. It makes a lot of difference and really changes the characteristics of the boat.

As others have mentioned, aside from the engine guys, go and have a good chat with Charles and his brother at Buccaneer. If you need a contact for the jackplate, send me a PM


Thanks Skip - am slightly busy right now but will be taking up you tips and will keep you posted re outcome/s


You should also consider the weight to power ratio. Suzuki have two types which weigh 263kg & 268kg, whilst the ETEC have four types ranging 235kg to 240kg. As Skip rightly said, the ETECs have much less maintenance cost which is also another plus. Torque wise, I believe that 2 strokes and much better than 4 strokes. Money wise, get quotes from both agents. Customer care wise, they are both great reliable dealers.
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