help needed-choosing an engine to install on a 14ft silvercraft

Started by Granitu, January 24, 2008, 11:10:30 CET

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Recently i was thinking of fitting in an inbord engine in my 14ft silvercraft, the boat in fact was created for inbord engine so it is the most plausible choice. I was thinking of a 10-15 hp engine intended for some trolling during the plamti and lampuki season.

The real dilemma coe here. I am undecided between the brands to choose. some told me kama but theyare too noisy. I was oriented for Yanmar engines but recently a guy from zabbar told me about kipor engines(he actally sells them) they take the same parts of yanmar engines. the engines are not marine because they cost double the price, but a friend of mine told me that he will fit the engine for me.

Do you have any knowledge about these engines? Also if you have any recommendations for others i am willing to hear about

10x in advance
Regards, Nicholas
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Hi Nick,

I have a 14ft Silvercraft and it has a 25HP Yamaha.

If you go out up to 4 people you plane nicely and if you are less it can fly.
Silvercraft recommends 15hp but i have seen Silvercrafts 14ft with 40HP as well at sea.

I would recommend 25HP or 30HP for recreation.

For fishing its another story.


My friends with sailing yachts swear by Yanmar! They would not have anything else.  What ever you decide to get Nicholas, make sure that the agent can provide you with parts and service. After sales and service, in my opinion is part and parcel of 'how good' a product is!
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a friend of mine has a yanmar on his frejgatina and he recently told me that yanmar parts are quite expensive if not very expensive.. but then, they are good marine engines


Yanmar are very good, so are volvo..
But i wouldnt reccomend any of them since they are quite expensive and as taxxara said the parts are very expensive...and another thing is that with a marine diesel with no turbo you wont get much speed.
In my opinion for a 14Ft you should go for a toyota 15 turbo..
Not to expensive, parts are cheap and you'l get some good speed


yes toyota is a good option but i would prefer an isuzu engine over toyota since they deliver more torque and from much lower rpm which is what is needed for a boat..
but then, neither of these 2 engines are marine so i guess you either go for an expensive marine engine or cheaper non-marine engine. which in my opinion can do the job quite as good as the other one..


guys many thanks for the feedback but unfortunately it's been ages that i fitted an aircool yanmar engine. at first it vibrated a lot but gradually i managed to curb the problem with a tailor made impellor. (funnily a wrong impellor produces vibration.) the engine is a 10hp model and the parts are expensive but if bought from malta. Still, i had never any problem with the engine, save for a throttle setting problem which i hope i solved (i had a wrong spring regulator). at full throttle plaining the boat does a nice 7 knots with fuel consumption at 5 euros at full throttle for 9 hrs(approximately)

with this regard, save i don't solve this throttle problem, what do you recommend. the engine after 2-3 fishing outings loses its setting and wouldn't idle. the engine is very reliable, but an evident problem i could point is low speed trolling yet (something that i do with an 8hp yamaha outboard- my auxiliary). hopefully though i should have solved this.... unfortunately this week i was busy as hell with futsal games but should give it a run this wednesday and weekend.

something i would like to know is if i can run together the auxiliary and the main engine, i know it can be done because i have occasionally seen gozitians doing ot with a similar boat.
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the funny thing is that when powered together they get a nice 14 knots which is quite good for a setup made this way. i know that it is something related to the propellor pitches. i am really interested to match the propellors and see what happens. the boat is verty strudy and handles nicely f4/f5 winds and even some hefty swell. if i did really find an optimal way for doing this, it would definately be a blessing.

on the other hand i neither want to spend too much on it since i am considering an 18ft petecraft or kaptan, depending on what suits my needs mostly
Good season so far.....