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want to fish tuna in malta need help

Started by arty, December 06, 2012, 02:53:36 CET

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My name is Arthur, I am writing on behalf of my father Peter a 54 year old Australian born Maltese man.

My father is moving back to live out his life in Malta fishing bluefin tuna with my cousins and uncles, I am helping him with
finding information and the required licenses and permits to fish for blue fin tuna legally.

Can you please help me with information about where I can get such licenses and permits and any other information my father
will need to legally catch bluefin tuna in malta on a commericial and recreational basis.

Thank you kindly,

Arthur De Silva
+61 424 894 824


practically impossible my friend. personal message if you want the info why.
Good season so far.....


Hello Mr. Arthur De Silva,

It is nice to hear that your father wishes to continue his life on our island. i am afraid that fishing bluefin tuna is rather difficult in Malta.

Bluefin Tuna Fisheries in Malta is subject to a quota issued by ICCAT. Only some Professional Commercial Fishermen can benefit from this quota based on set parameters.
For commercial fishing I can say that it is impossible to have a license.

As to recreational Tuna fishing the Fisheries Control Department issues  a yearly small qouta for recreational fisherman. All those that intend to fish Tuna on a recreational basis apply to the Fisheries Control Department.  There  is an open season usually of about 2 months between July and September. Only one Tuna above 30 kilos or 115cm length can be landed per outing. Tuna caught by recreational fisherman must be reported to  FCD  and cannot be commercialized. Such catches can be used for personal consumption or charity.
No Tuna can be caught during the closed season.

Hope I have been of help although it is not that promising.

All the Best

Joe Carabott Damato (Gogo)
Federation of Amateur Fishermen.


And if u are unlucky to catch one, and as a good citizen you report it. Apart from the hustle that if you are moored in bugibba u have to travel to msida so that the inspectors check it out, from then onwards expect a call from fisheries at least once a month.......