Fishing for Lizz (barracuda)

Started by abraxas, January 29, 2008, 09:10:10 CET

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Hello Everyone,

just a quick question - when fishing for Lizzijiet what are the best lures to use from shore?  I've heard people suggest Rapala CD-11s and CD-14s; but they look almost TOO big.  I've also seen some nice Yo-Zuri lures which look a bit smaller but about the right size to imitate small vopi.  What does everyone think?



hi martin,

rapalas are good even yo zuri and a whole lot of other lures.

my experience and suggestion is that if u are spinning in ports let's say valletta, birgu, senglea, marsa you use the small lures. i prefer the yozuri pin's minnows or the rapalas xrap in the size of less than 10.

if u intend to spin in open waters like zurrieq, ghar lapsi etc etc... you go for a bigger lure like the clown type from yamashita/ maria lures or the rapala x-rap in the size of 10-12.

at this time of the year there's a lot of small lizzijiet in the 500gms - 1kg range so i suggest for the time being you use small lures even in open waters.

make sure you calibrate the reel and rod in good order to achieve a long distance cast since you are spinning with a small weight of less than 10gms.

i suggest a medium action spuin rod and not more than 0.25mm line. i usually spin with a 0.22mm.

make sure you have a landing net ready!!!!! and good luck.

the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing



Hello all.
First of all, great forum with lots of helpfull info!

I'll be holidaying on Malta in the first 2 weeks of september and hope to do some spinning for barracuda, so thought this was a great post to ask my questions.

I'll be staying on the Marfa peninsula and was wondering if there are some good spotts for spinning barracuda there? is it possible to catch seabass and maybe some small tuna species there as well?
I'm very keen on surface lures like poppers, and I know they work well here in the Netherlands for seabass. Do these lures work wel in Malta?

Ive read that you shouldn't use a wire trace when fishing for barracuda, but won't you get bitten off once in a while?

Thanks, Paul


Hi Paul,

Last year Marfa was full of Barracuda's, some as big as a metre. However I haven't seen as many this year. They are quite hard to catch though, they don't bite much on lures.
Seabrave 14 e-Tec 50hp


Hi Chiappinu,
Thanks for the reply.

Well if they are around there alot, at least I have a chance!  :)
Any other species of fish around Marfa with can be caught spinning from shore? Any specific marks which I should try? Best time? I'm guessing early morning and evening/sunset...
I'm also bringing some floats, and paternoster rigs for fishing the small and colourfull species, so I wont be putting all my money on spinning..

Thanks, Paul