Lure Test Review 1: Grauvell Cut Bait for Tumbrell

Started by Jonathan, January 30, 2008, 14:20:09 CET

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For the past few weeks, I have been pondering over the fact that when it comes to choosing and buying fishing lures & fishing equipement, we are restricted to the material which manufacturers try to feed us, or limited words of advice from other kind-hearted fishermen, failing which we often end up spending money on stuff which disappoints. Don't you think so too? Why is it that we only get tests and reviews on other products such as cars, electronics, restaurants, etc, but not fishing stuff.

For this reason, I have decided to begin sharing my experiences with fishing lures and equipment by putting them to the real test - fishing with them in our sea, and I intend revealing all the details of my experience - both the good and the bad.

I held my first test last Saturday, where I put the newly introduced Grauvell Cut Bait at the end of my tumbrell handline. In the link below is a detailed review of my experience as well as some pics of the lure in action, and our full catch of 44 tumbrell (not all caught on this lure).

I intend sharing more of this sort of review soon if the idea is received positively by you guys out there. So please do forward me your comments.
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Prosit...a wonderful review Jonathan - very well done and very precise - to be honest you make me want to go out and buy one right now (maybe Grauvell should start paying you a marketing fee!!;>)

I think what your doing is a great idea and something I have been looking for for quite a while...I hope I can soon add a couple of my own reviews..

Prosit once again..


Yes well done jonathan as its true we do not get many reviews of fishing lures i am always trying different lures some bad some good the shiney lure i showed it was a gibbs coho from canada i caught lizz with it but plamti shy away i found hook caught with lure when i pulled it in i think it would work on rod reel trolling but not handline.



Fantasic work. In fact this is something I've been meaning to do with some of my lures we don't find here, such as the cedar plugs etc, but your report was excelled, well compiled and laid out. I have some idea's about testing in general and will drop you a pm to see what you think.

Well done.



Thanks for the info. Jonathan. It's something extremely helpful for beginners like me who don't know where to start! It might also be interesting in mentioning which store you got it from. Thanks again.
I'd rather be fishing.....


Thanks guys - your positive comments are very encouraging.  :) I am presently also toying with the idea of starting a newsletter focusing on fishing updates, what's being caught, where, how, photos, fishing equipment /lure reviews/test, etc. What do you think about this?
If you'ld be interested in receiving / contributing to this, please drop me your details (name & surname, adress, .. ) onto my email:
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Prosit & thanks jonathan! A really interesting review and what makes it especially noteworthy in my opinion is that it was done by a true local fisherman and not some guy on a video/tv with a vested commercial interest in selling you a product. i think it does makes a big difference when your buying tackle to know that its effective for local conditions/species and also as you pointed out,its not the 1st time that i have (& im sure many will agree) purchased lure's etc which have turned out to be disapointing or ineffective,whether due to the salesman's speil or just me liking the 'look' of a particular lure.
I suppose the only problem with testing a lure is that its not an exact science so its very hard to quantify really how effective it is.
I mean obviously what works at one location/time might be totally ineffective in a different place/time.
But those Grauvell Cut Bait certainly look like the business for tumbrell!!  :)


like martin b said you can never be sure if a lure is good. for example its not the first time that i go for lampuki when one day i make the most catches with one rixa from two and the next day i catch the most fish with the other rixa. but your tests will still be interesting


Well done Jonathan, these reviews will always be accepted as a positive thing, at the end of the day we fishing for the sake of catching a few. I cant agree more on the way the market is.... sell sell and sell... and not really seeing the end result of us wanting to catch fish and not just possessing the latest wow in fishing tech.

Yep keep us posted and dont stop posting!

Lets put MALTA on the map with our fishing knowledge.


Really a good job mate. I like it. A forum is a cyber link that we can work with each other for that little time that we have to go fishing or spearfishing. You should be very proud of thinking about this post Jonathan.



My compliments to Jonathan for his initiatives and all the exciting feedback he recieved!
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