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Started by skip, February 03, 2008, 11:00:54 CET

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Hi Everyone,

We've been talking elsewhere on the boards about a get together and I think it's a good time to try and organise something once we all enjoying a bit of winter downtime.

I know its not going to be easy to find an agreeable date for everybody but we will do out best, perhaps we can suggest 3 or 4 dates and then choose the one which the most ppl can make. What do you guys think of doing it mid-week, say a Wednesday evening not too late as I know people have work, otherwise friday evening??

The problem with doing a sit down meal somewhere is it's a bit harder for people to mingle and for us to discuss fishing related things etc,  so perhaps it would be better to do a standup event , where everyone can move around, we can have some platters/hors d'oeuvres, drinks etc and either arrange a set price for food and everyone buys their own drinks. Let's hear from everyone with some suggestions in general, venues/dates etc.



Its think its good idea about it being a stand up event.As regards dates im flexible as long as i know a week or so in advance.rgds venue maybe we could do it in a small bar/restaurant place so as not to incure the extra cost of having to hire out the actual floorspace of the venue (?)


Would it not be a good idea to know approximately the number of members attending as that makes a big difference as to where we can go... I am in ....


yes you are right, obviously an approxmate number of people attending would definitley needed to be established first


For me, its ok too. No problem at all.

I'll check some others (friends of the MMF) and talk to them personally. As for robert as I know this is his last week of exams, so he will also be with us on the get together.

So Im the no 4 coming


i will come also if the date is not when i am working night i work day night rest off so i think that there will be a date good for me


count me in that 6 till now
come u guys lets hear you counting, and as soon as we have an approx. number can suggest places.
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Simon G

count me in i will pass the word around
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Please count me in provided it's after the 22nd. Should manage any day.
I'd rather be fishing.....


preferably it won't be on a weekend!

I will make my best to attend.


Why do fish make men go crazy?


Right, let's set the venue and the date. Either Friday 7th March, Saturday 8th or 14th/15th. Come back with some venur suggestions so that we can sort out.



Emic, any ideas of a non-expensive venue for drinks and some light food. Ideally a place where we can stand so we can all chat and mingle.


looks like the count so far reads around 10.... i suggest we go and have something to eat round a table as with 10 its quite easy to chat with everyone.  Its a beginning and if we grow in numbers than one changes parameters..... be careful with the 8th March (elections) Friday would be better how about the 29th February its a leap year so it might auger good. Regsrding places lets keep it central as we might have people coming from the south as well as the north. So Hamrun, Msida, Sliema area would be good.   HEY Visa any suggestions


for me 29th february is good. 14th march also good but i prefer 29th february