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Hull number

Started by Moonwalker, April 26, 2013, 22:26:39 CET

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My father had a small boat that had been garaged for years. Now he managed to sell it.
The problem is that the Hull number (serial number) is not visible any more on the boat and Transport Malta needs a photo of this plate to make the transfer.

Any idea what we can do?
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Many locally built boats do not have that plate. since we joined the EU those who have the CE mark have that plate. so if its an old boat and is locally built i do not think that it has that plate


This is an imported boat and it does have the plate. It is a Del Quay 13ft boat. But the plate  seems to have peeled off somehow and now I just have a shiny plate with no lettering.

Maybe someone can upload some photos of such plates so I try to engrave a new plate to replace the old one?
Petecraft 20 - twin Mariner 150HP EFI


It's going to be hard to get manufacture support as Dell Quay are long bust http://www.ybw.com/forums/showthread.php?98874-What-ever-happened-to-Dell-Quay-Dory

If you have the Hull Number details I would try and get TM to co-operate, or do they just expect you to affix a new plate?