Started by Tender Fisher, August 01, 2013, 18:21:53 CET

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Tender Fisher

Hey, new to the forum. I was wondering, what the size of the line should be for Awrat (Gilt Head Bream). BTW I am fishing with paternoster rig. I want to know what kind of line for spool and diameter, and for the rig itself (including the snood). what size lead weight should be when using this rig? 1 last thing, I have read that best hooks for this species would be 4-6. can any1 confirm?

thanks, Nico

Tender Fisher

ugh, i dont know ???, anywhere from 500g to 1kg. what do u think


0.18 as terminal would do fine .... especially if your're fishing night you can go up to 0.22mm .... depends if you're fishing in daytime in clear sea conditions you have to minimize to 0.14mm and fluorocarbon .... although awrat are not very big suspicious fish and tend to take the bait in a bit of unclear sea conditions
the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing