I'd like to buy a new cabin boat

Started by Stevella, August 27, 2013, 14:54:23 CET

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I'd like to buy a new cabin 20 boat with trailer and a 115 engine.  What do you suggest?


Petecraft 20
Buccaneer 205 Cabin
Saver Manta 620 Cabin
Quicksilver Models Weekend/Activ

As to the engine I would say 115 is on the low side. My advice is to always fit the biggest engine that the boat is rated for, this will give you the best economy and flexibilty. You are better off waiting/saving for a few extra months to buy the right engine.


Thank you very much for your recommendations.


Hi Guys,

What are you views on Saver Manta 620 please? Are they good boats or?



I went to see the Eolo 590 yesterday and I was extremely impressed with their quality.  It's a 19.5' cabin cruiser and their finish and accessories is beyond this world.  Price wise they are very competitive too.  Agents are PTR Marine of Rabat.  Save Manta 620 is a nice boat as well but finish is not as detailed as the Ranieri and the Eolo boats.  Well, that's my opinion.


Have a look at the seabrave boats of birzebbugia