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New Gallery Application Added to Forum

Started by skip, February 10, 2008, 12:05:12 CET

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I've added a gallery application program to the forum in order to make it easier to upload pictures and reference them later on. Currently pictures are embedded within posts, but with this new system they are arranged in albums. All members have rights to add pictures, and forum moderators will need to approve them before they appear. Special Members (previously Friends of the MFF) have their pictures auto-approved.

In case you're wondering how people become special members, they are either known personally to the forum administrators, or met the forum team in person at one of the events that was organised.

If you want me to add new albums please place the request by replying to this post so that the new album is created. There is no longer the need to attach photo's anymore to posts, but if you want to also display them in the post after uploading them to the gallery then please use the insert image buttom which is in the second row, 2nd in from the left. When you do that you will get img /img in between square bracket. Insert the URL to the picture you uploaded within the gallery in between, so after img] . If you want to only display the thumbnail then go to the album, right click on the photo and copy that URL, something like http://maltafishingforum.com/talk/gallery/thumb_1_09_02_08_11_17_44.jpg otherwise if you want to display the full size photo, open it in the gallery right click on the image properties and copy/paste the URL http://maltafishingforum.com/talk/gallery/1_09_02_08_11_17_44.jpg

Here's an example of the thumbnail:

Hopefully everyone will like this new gallery system and it should make it easier for people to see the photo's of the fish we catch.

Tight Lines,



Much easier SKIP..... so lets post away fast....

Come on you guys, check you last years archives and post with a breif subtitle to where and when was caught!

Lets put MALTA on the map with our fishing knowledge.


I am interested in getting the new album so I can upload my fishing pictures
If I give you a fish I'll be feeding you once, if i'll show you how I caught it I'll be feeding you for ever.


Hi, your picture has been approved and is shown in the spearfishing category. Various categories have been added so there should now be place to put most pictures in. At this stage we are not doing personal gallery categories, as when you add the pictures you can put in various information, who caught it, where etc.