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Explosive Dumping Ground marked North of Gozo

Started by JBM, June 16, 2014, 21:45:30 CET

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Hi all,

I was looking for some good marine charts to check depths and I came across this chart provided by the NOAA which was
made in 1996.
I noticed that there is a an area marked as "Explosive Dumping Ground (Abandoned)" just North of Gozo. I've attached a photo
with this post along with a link to the full map.
Does anybody know what this mark might be? Is it a mistake? I wasn't aware of a dumping area in that region.

Link to the full chart:



This is one of the many explosive packed boxes hauled from that area back in 2012 ;)
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Should there not be any trawling in that area In the first place?
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In 2012 there were 2 very close by trawling zones.

Also there is MEDITS.  A "scientific survey" obliged by the EU in which the trawl areas should be selected more or less randomly irrespective of the trawling zones.
SHIMANO---Tomorrow's tackle today