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My Boat is missing

Started by shanook, July 24, 2014, 21:14:56 CET

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I am posting again as the other post is a privileged board and this is open:
I went to make sure that the boat was ok as I was departing to UK and it was not on the mooring. Made report to police, the ropes were still intact. So its either a prank and the boat is adrift or its been stolen.
Please have a look out.

Make: Kaptan
Reg: MFC334 Valletta
Colour white with blue rubber rail

if you see it please inform the Qawra police station as I am abroad


With your permission,i will share your post on facebook


Youve got pics of boat here on forum, have already shared them on fb...
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I shared a post on FB aswell Tony. Got many friends from SPB and Bugibba so if it is seen they shall contact.

Lets hope for the best Ton as your boat is not a tender boat which could be easily smuggled. If i have any info i will contact you.


I have shared on my FB as well. Hope someone finds her.
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Int bis serjeta jew?
Mela hadt pjacir sejjer l-ingilterra...

Jekk nara xi haga halli f idi.
Ear Pain aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


You must be really stupid to steal a boat like a Kaptan Sway since  less than 20 where built in total and they are found only in Malta. Once you steal it, what do you do with it. I have one of these boats. You can recognize it from 5miles away. The boat builder probably knows in person all the owners. If it was a car you could sell it for scrap metal....but a boat you cannot use and sell......what do you do with it ?

If you try to sell the instrumentation you will be caught instantly in Malta. What the hell is going on. It is more plausible that some one needed the boat to escape from Malta and then sink it somewhere because sealing such a unique boat in Malta is like stealing the Mona Lisa and try to sell it on Ebay 
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Hi tony, a friend of mine saw your boat in xemxija harbour. Hope it helps man
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Later I will phone the police as I am currently out and just logged in. Or else if anyone wants to call in the meantime. My friend saw your boat yesterday tony. I don't know if there is where you usually you have your but I believe it is usually bugibba right?
15ft Marino Atom 450 Powered by Tohatsu 30hp 4-stroke Fuel Injection

28ft Luzzu Powered by Twin 45 Hp Perkins


Kris is it true, I will try to contact insurance, let me know. Thanks man.


I hope it's not the same one the police asked me about, as it did not have any markings on it.......


Redhead, that's why I still think it is adrift...


False alarm tony as my friend did see a kaptan boat but its not yours sorry man :/
15ft Marino Atom 450 Powered by Tohatsu 30hp 4-stroke Fuel Injection

28ft Luzzu Powered by Twin 45 Hp Perkins


Hope you find it (and in good shape) my friend. In the mean time me and my friends are keeping our eyes open and are trying to share on Facebook.
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tajna titwijla, pero ma rajniejiex. Iktar nissoponi jew xi hadt ried xi parts jew xi buffu arraqa. Lil habib tijaj is sena l ohra haduwlu dingy u arquh. Jalla Alla jipremjahhom lil dawn in nies