Lure fishing from Land (techniques)

Started by e-fisher, March 28, 2008, 18:52:15 CET

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Hi all!
Lately I have decided to try out Lure fishing from shore. The fish I am targeting are lizz (Mediterranean barracuda) and plamtu (atlantic Bonito). Can somebody help me on the following:

Lure Speed retrieval
Casting distance
Line diameters
Best seasons (Is anybody catching these fish at the moment?)
Time and weather
Locations(I intend to fish at Lazzarenu)

Thank you
(By the way I would like to thank the creator of this website/forum. Great job!)
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this one is for martinb he can help you....
Good season so far.....


Hello e-fisher, welcome to the forum, and thanks for your kind words. I'm no expert when it comes to lure fishing from shore or spinning, however some things cross over with boat fishing:

Casting distance is dictated primarily by the rod length and type, the line you are using, the reel and probably jointly tied with the rod length, technique!

Lure speed retrieval is something that I imagine is often varied and if you see some baracuda but they are not biting but they are approaching the lure you could switch to a sudden quick retrieve to simulate a fleeing baitfish.



Hi e-fisher welcome to the forum,
To answer a few of your questions basically you can catch lizz/cuda's pretty much all year round & the best time for them is early morning and at sunset and through till late evening (in my experience) as regards the plamti i haven't caught one for a while, but then again i haven't been fishing for a while either cos ive been a bit busy,but at this time of year plamti will be getting less & less.
If you do a search on the forum for 'fishing calander' there is a very useful list of the 'seasons' of all the different types of fish.
As regarding casting distance unless you can see where the fish your targeting are situtated (e.g on or just below the surface) you ideally want to cast out as far as possible obviously so your lure covers a more wider area & also if your spinning in deep water you can pay out more line to get your lure deeper.
Casting distance will also be affected amongst other things by rod type/size by the thickness of the line you use (all things being equal:-thicker line = less distance) i use 0.40mm usually as where i spin from is not close to the surface so i need a stronger line but if im gonna be spinning in harbour's or inlets i use 0.35mm & 0.30mm Yo-zuri line (i found it to be a very good line) & should be good for use at lazzarenu.I haven't done that much spinning there, more bottom fishing for sargi etc but i have a friend of mine who goes often (he lives fairly close,unlike myself) & he catches some nice 'cudas from there occasionaly.
Regarding retrieval speed...its a good question with a lot scope as it depends on a lot of factors e.g on what type of lure you use e.g some lure's work best with a staggered (reel,pause,reel,pause) retrieval others a continous motion:- check the manfacturer's recomendations on how they intended the lure to function as this can be very useful.
Another important factor is what type of species your going for,with barracuda for example its usually best to retrieve quite fast as they tend to strike more often then a slow retrieved lure.

Time and weather conditions are important especially regarding what colour & type of lure to use,again if you do a search on the forum there are a couple of very good posts covering lure colour for different conditions,which should give you some good pointers however there is no one straight forward soloution/method that will gaurantee sucess every single time & experementing and perserverance is key to sucess (as in all types of fishing!) as what works well on one occassion wont always work 100% the same way next time.
However a couple of good 'all round' lure's to keep with you when spinning are Yo-zuri Crystal minnow & Pin Minnow's & Rapala Magnumn Red Head (red head with white body) and also the Halco range of metal spinners i had some good sucess for plamti/Kubrit with them especially with the 'Hexagon Sparkler' & 'Halco Sliced'

Tight Lines



Thanks alot guys for the immediate response! A special thanks to MartinB for the great Reply! 
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No Problem e-fisher,hope you hook into a nice one!


May I mention the rods used for spinning. For a start you can use the usual telescopic casting rods but if you intend to plunge into spinning, I suggest purchasing a spinning rods which are strong a very light in weight. In spinning it is important that the rod you use is light as continuous  casting will affect your back after a long spinning session.

I concur with martinb regarding the above information.


Just some small tips which I learned over the past couple of months

If you are using a light rod use a small reel
If u are reeling in and u feel something odd and ur not sure what it is, just dont bother and reel in fast, it might be a plastic bag or it might be a fish that needed to be hooked better.
Forget using the net to land a fish, chances are your lure will get entangled in it before the fish does and there's a nice chance you will loose your hard earned prey, either just hurl it up the shore if it's a small fish or use a gaff if it's a large one.
As Sbrinkat mentioned chances are your back will be hurting after a while when spinning, a stool solved that problem for me.
A fishing partner might be a good idea as it gets boring without anyone to swap a word with
And the most important thing of all, Patience Patience and some more Patience

PS I'm no expert on the matter as I started spinning only receantly thanks to MartinB who was kind enough to take me with him and teach me a thing or two. And btw martin I landed my first cuda yesterday morning, tough it wasent a monster I was pretty happy with the catch as I lost 4 more due to negligence from my side, lack of experiance and from being purely unlucky.


Hi All,
      Well done Freeman on your cuda'  :) shame about losing 4 but everyone loses there fair share of them, especially on the strike as most of the time they seem to attack the lure from the side (at least i think so!?) so when your reeling them in they might just be caught on one point of the treble hook...also the fact that they have a mouth like a bucket doesn't help matters either  ::)

I went spinning yesterday also and caught a very small kubrita (it was under a kilo but not by much) so there are still a few around e-fisher!
Actually i caught 3 of them & i put the first 2 back as they were the same small size but this one was foul hooked in the gills & wouldnt have lived.
Also i killed it with the spike for the first time (i made it from an old screw driver) as described in the sashimi method (thanks again to skip for posting the brilliant article) and it works great & ill be killing all my fish like this from now on (in fact emic also told me at the get together that he found it very good too) & proper bleeding certainly improved the taste of the flesh.

As regards to the taking a seat with you (if its not too much of a hassle to get to your fishing spot) your back and sholders will thank you for it!!!!! In fact i often sit down when im paying out line as i have to use a quite heavy rod sometimes where i go and sitting down,even briefly,makes a big diffrence.


martin b that is a tumbrell not a kubrita


I Agree with busumark. That is surely a tumbrell not kubrita!!


I think your right guys!! My bad!! cos to be honest the first was definetly a small kubrita cos it had the spots near the belly etc & seen as though ive NEVER caught a tumbrell that close in to the shore before (& its been along time since i went for them with my cousin on the boat) i just automatically assumed it was a very small juvenile.... :-[ i just caught about 10min before packing up to leave and when i got home i just chucked it in the sink & went to sleep!! Thanks for putting me right guys.


Hi all!
Thanks all for your response. What do u guys think of spinning at dawn in cirkewwa. Is it productive? And which part is best the old jetty or the rocky part next to the jetty? I intend to buy a Rapala lure, do you have any suggestions please...(I was opting for the rapala X-Rap (silver blue mackerel) size 12cm- do you think this lure s too big for cirkewwa?)
Thank you!
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that is a good place to go sure mate. some lizz and an occasional amberjacks are common there
Good season so far.....


Like granitu said its all good up there! ive caught lizz etc of the rocks & off the jetty.
I have an x-rap slash bait (blue mackerel colour/pattern) that size which i use for deep water,i haven't tried it at cirkewwa yet but as its quite deep off the rocks there it should be good,however in my opinion i think its a little to big for inside shallow harbours/inlets etc