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Petecraft with 185hp Yanmar info

Started by diplodus, July 13, 2015, 19:28:33 CET

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Hi guys,
I am wondering what speed do you or app you will get with such an engine on a petecraft 18?

I am getting maximum 15 knots, and i think something is wrong because they say i should get more speed.

Thank you


We get 23kts with a sole 110hp. A friend of mine had the same problem with yannmar and it was something wrong with the turbo.


Yes i think you are correct. So with my power i should get more then 23kts but my problem is that i am getting much less. Engine is running fine, turbo was also fixed because it was loosing boost so now my concern is the propellor.

Does anyone knows what pitch and dimension should the propellor be please?



with a 185HP yanmar you should be hitting at least 30Knts.
contact the experts, petecraft, they will surely know and guide you accordingly.
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18x18, 19x19 depends on what gearbox reduction you have.


what is the engine rpm @ WOT ? If im not mistaken those engines run at 3600 RPM so you must be looking at around 3300 RPM


Hello guys.

The engine is supposed to be 3300rpm but i am seeing just 3000rpm. My current prop is 16x21. What do you recommend?

Gearbox reduction is 1:55 ZF


Regards Saviour