Fisheries, Diving in Malta

Started by ZGOLLI, November 16, 2015, 13:42:28 CET

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Hello ,

Im ZGOLLI Mohamed, Tunisian, 27 years,  Senior Technician in Fisheries, Offshore Fishing Captain   and Dive Instructor FAST/CMAS 1* star .
I have a Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate, Rescue Swimmer Certificate and Professional Sea Men's  book.

I am working in Qatar as a Technical  Diver in an environmental projects (planting Corals and Seagrass).
I am currently in Tunisia.

My training  allowed me to have a good knowledge of the marine environment, fisheries , diving and maritime navigation such as oceanography, security, first aid, maritime regulations, management of living marine resources, use of electronic navigation equipment, radio telecommunication services, the marine species ... etc.

During my professional experience I shipped on fishing vessels (trawlers, seiners and longliners) as a Technician sailor, diver, fisherman and student. I went around the Mediterranean aboard a French yacht for 3 months (Tunisia-Lampedusa-Gozo-Malta-Sicily -Italy- Corfu-Greece) .

I visited several  ports in the Mediterranean sea, Algeria, Libya, Malta, Italy and Greece.
I speak Arabic , French and English.

I am applying for a job in fisheries or diving In Malta or a Partner for Fishing Company in Tunisia.
Have you any Proposals?

ZGOLLI Mohamed
Senior Technician in Fisheries / Offshore Fishing Captain / Dive Instructor


Regards Saviour


Thank you, and have you plz any information or proposal can help me in my search?