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Started by skip, April 15, 2008, 10:44:03 CET

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Hi All,

I'm sure many of your are familiar with Hi-Tec Marine in Zabbar, importers of Ranieri, Marinello and Poseidon Boats (Ranieri's made in Greece and a different line).

As I am currently in the market for a boat up to 18feet, yesterday I went to Hi-Tec and spent over 2 hours!! discussing the various boats and options with Daniel including inspecting each one that was downstairs on show. Daniel is an outstanding guy who knows his stuff and the family have been boat builders for all their life, no longer doing this but using their knowledge and experience to sell new boats.

He was very patient with me as we went over all the options and looked at the various boats of interest. Something that really stood out was that HiTec have as many models as they can in stock so that potential customers can see the boats, rather than just looking at something on paper.

Considering it was after 8pm when I left, shows the level of dedication and passion they have towards boats. I wasn't asked to leave at 7pm and I wasn't given just 10 minutes and a couple of brochures.

If you're in the market for a new boat, I recommend you add HiTec Marine to your list and pay them a visit.