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Started by rob1974, July 24, 2008, 16:53:13 CET

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Hi All,

This is my first post on the forum.  I do not own a boat at the moment, but am looking seriously into the possibilty of buying one.  I've read various foreign articles on the above subject, and it seems possibile to have the main motor coupled to the auxiliary motor so as to control the boat with the steering wheel even when using the aux motor.

I've asked a couple of local agents, but their answer was always that it cannot be done.

Can anyone help me out with this?




really thats what the local agents said LOL I must be gooooooooooood then as with a bit of this and a bit of that, Visa uses the steering wheel to control the boat when using the aux engine.........
will let u know how i did it after i have applied and got a patent LOL.


i leave my aux running straight and turn using my sterndrive, its as big as a rudder anyways...Its a bit slow on turning but if your trolling its fine....


if u want come have a look at my boat. i do not know if it will help u but i have 2 motors 9.9 and both connected to steering!

maybe you can get some clues.

my location is birzebbuga.
the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


claudevella thats what visa used to do but its a big difference especially whan fishing for lampuki andf u have to go round the fad.
placebao i was going to get rich with my patent now u offer it for free man o man ........


I think it was your idea! ....because you must know that my kaptan was Freddie's own boat (mister) and i think he got the idea from you!
the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


wow placebo u have misters boat ..........good one isnt it.......have u tried it in rough weather it rides the waves so nicely.....well done a good buy whatever u paid for it.
No I never talked to mister about the connection must be coincidence. my chances of becoming extremely rich are ebbing every minute


I have been trying to upload the photograph of how I connect my main to my auxillary, but I cant find a valid file to upload with? what programme do you use to post attachments? ???


dont bother with the aux engine and main engine, buy my boat, it has two inboard engines and u can turn the boat on its axis.Problem sloved


Shanook, Sell your idea to the best bidder fast, or if things keep on as it is, you will have to pay them to use the metode
Can't wait to go fishing


yep ramio and i thought i was going to retire early and go to the bahamas and fish for land mermaids or something OH well Another shattered dream..........


The standard method of doing this is with a tie-bar and ball joints either from the rear of the cavitation plate or alternatively from the front where most engines have a mounting hole specifically for twin setups. If you mount on the rear cav plate the tie-bar would need to be easily removed so that once you stop using your auxilliary you can retract it.

Due to the size differences between a main and aux I personally would prefer to have a tie-bar at the front and not on the cavitation plate, you get a better alignment and you don't have to drill the cavitation plates.

There are some clamp on kits which go around the engine legs but not so sure about those and they look messy. With a front mounted tie-bar you can tilt either engine apparently without issues, and Stearns make a stainless steel kit for $61 which is a lot cheaper than some of the other ones I've seen.


Thanks for your replies.  

Placebo, thanks for the invitation, but my problem lies with connecting two motors varying significantly in size, eg a 90hp with a 9.9hp.  In various italian magazines its refered to as a "barra the connessione".

I've tried trolling (with a friend's boat) with the aux motor (5hp) and steering with the larger motor (50hp).  When the sea is clam, with no wind and little current, it is not a problem, but with winds approaching F3 its a nightmare. I have to continuoisly either switch ont he main motor, or manually steer the smaller motor.

THanks again to all



Skip, too much technical crap ;D which does not make sense to me.  Unfortunately I am not a technical person and its like arabic to me.  I would be very greatful if someone could post a couple of photos or links to sites illustratin the system.