Caught in the storm.

Started by camkev, September 23, 2008, 20:36:22 CET

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Me,bigboy,maltembu and another friend went out trolling today.We left imsida at about 3.30pm.There was a slight breeze but the sea was ok.We trolled till wied il ghajn with no sucess.The sea was picking up so we decided to head back, still trolling very near to the coast.But after a few mintues the wind was blowing force 4-5 SE and decided to get everything up and head back to port.We switched on the other engine to come in.We could see lightning very close and rain started to pour down cats and dogs. :-[.Telephone calls started coming in from all our families(we told them that we were in port,but we were not)Today we didn't observe the speed limit in port cause we were coming in at about 20 knots.We were all wet especially me.At about 7:15pm we were at the pontoon.We thanked god that we arrived safely..... ;)Sewwa jaghjdu.......IL BAHAR ZAQQU RATBA U RASU IEBSA.
Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.


pay special attention as at this time of year weather changes in minutes. It happened to me several times when i was younger but i got always lucky!

the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


We made it man :) Thank God we had that 140 because we arrived back in a short time.

Your boat is great in rough weather though as the twice we got caught in rough seas it acted perfect.
You have to say everything though ;) You had a good Pilot :P


it seems like discovery channels episode of deadliest catch!!!
glad u guys are all ok !!! tc :)


pay attantion especially this time of the year.

Guys here in this forum we have our mobile phones. Pls lets everyone save them on their phone and be sure before going out there you have battery charge and credit on your mobile. If something happins pls phone  each other. Someone will give help for sure. This may be on some problems to the engins ofsomething else but take care out there. Better safe then sorry


True true, the sea can be lots of fun But it can also kill you ! so becarefull we dont afford any bad news.


Last year it happened to me quite often to be diving some 4km from my starting point and the weather changes instantly, irrespective of the forecast.

Camkev, I know that it comes naturally to tell family members that we're in a safe place when in fact we are not but be careful...if, God forbid, something happens, and some kind of search would be required, family members would indicate the wrong place for the searching to start...wouldn't help for sure.
Man will never be able to stop time but he can get very close by freediving.


If god forbid something happens all i do is a phonecall and no matter what help will come even if there are force 8 seas. In msida we are like a family everyone takes care of one another


Thanks guys for your concern.Same here,if anyone will need help,will be the first ones out there

.........Yes emic i got some forum members no.My mobile is on contract co i will never be short of credit ;) and we always have a vhf with us.It's just the sea turned like crazy in a few minutes and beleive me only a few minutes

..........Robert i know what you mean by that, but it comes natural to tell them we are in a safe place.

..........rammx Thats what i told bigboy..if we had a camera ;D!!!

.........Placebo Will do!!

.........Lapsiboy..Kin ikolkom iktar hut x taqbdu...b erbgha sajjieda(tajbijn)neqsin....ara niccajta ta..allahares tarah il mara dan il post ghax.. ga ghajritni mignun bil provi.

..........Bigboy.You are the best :D
Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.


you should thank your gods camkev and co! Same thing happened to me last year mid july. I was bottom fishing just off SPB tuna penns and at about 1100hrs wind picked up to force 4/5 within a few minutes. It took me over 3/4 of an hour with my 9.9 to get close to shore.

At this time of year one has to be extra careful as weather can change for the worst in a matter of mins. ALWAYS THINK SAFETY FIRST


Thats why its good to know the limits of your boat. The weather was hitting u bad as u were close to shore so u get a cross swell. Mind u i wouldnt have gone further out i would still stick relatively close to shore. A stand by msg would have been a good idea to send to someone who knows the sea and then cancel it when u arrive safely. Well done for ur driving camkev.


guys this is also for us while we re out spearfishing, let someone know where you going to be, just a msg is enough, and always try that these months especially these 2 months, try to go in areas that you know well, so if there will be the need to come by walk it will be easy.

In winter I use to go a lot to Lapsi where normally I dive there when its NE, and somethims I go there in very bad weather. Out in the water one can work fine but to get back its hard so a lot of times I walk it back. Also there is a chance of leaving the car and get out from the waterfrom another beach. Nowadays everyone has a mobile and if you stop a car thay can let you make a call to come for you.


suffrun....tks  buddy.The forecast was,sea slight to moderat for that afternoon and the storm had to hit the islands at night....yes better safe then sorry.

shanook...i know the limits of my boat and i will never try to go over it's limit..if it's not an emergency.About the waves next to shore it's true but like you said,but still i prefare next to shore then out there.About driving...when we were next to breakwater i gave the wheels to bigboy cause he is much more experienced then me....Cause if he sees this post and i dont tell you that he was driving as well(aqta kemm jajjarni) :P

Emic....It's true what you said cause like me i was going to enter m'skala and stay ther in the bay.Then i will call home and they will come for us.In case of very bad weather that is what i will do for sure..find the nearest bay and stay there.
Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.


At this time of year line squalls can come out of nowhere. They're characterised as A linear, severe storm event, with rapidly rising pressure and wind speed, a sudden temperature fall, low, dark clouds, and often thunder/rain.

As Emic said, for the next couple of months they come out of nowhere