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Started by Gazzetta, October 15, 2008, 09:49:53 CET

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Was wondering what are the best lures for Plamti ??  How much weight do you use and trolling speed.

Already checked John's book but would like also some personal feedback ;)




Plamti i caught on Octapus skirts used for Lampuki, I also caught plamti (bonito) (2kg) on Rixa tat Tumbrell (lures for Frigate mackerel). Once I also caught on Albacore lures the 100mm ones.
So from my part I cannot tell u what the best lures are but regarding weight it doesnt have to be a big one if they are feeding on surface bait, the speed should be slow (we troll on slow speed for mackerel).
My Idea for the best trolling lure for Bonito is to use the feeding tentacles of the squid. they are white and they leave off a trail of scent for the bonito. weight 100gr and slow trolling.


Gazzetta,yesterday we caught 1 of over 3 kilos while trolling with a rapala lure(dont know the name sorry,will let you know later)we were trolling at a speed of 4.5 knots.And we had no weights on the line cause a few minutes before the weight got caught with a floating chicken >:( and we had the ones that clip on to the line and we lost the weight.....but at least we caught the bonito(plamtu).Hope this will help you catch a lot of plamti...Meta gej wahda maghna?
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10x Shanook u kevin, I just need to try out then cause I have different rapala lures to test  ;)

I'll to try come once kevin, 10x  :D

Chris  8)


i catch them on lures like camkev said in our area.

but i think that feather lures are better. No need to add any weights my friend.

i prefer to troll with lures other than feathers since it's not only plamti you can catch but cudas and other predators as well.

As regarding lures there is no special lure i think. I caught them on many different types and models. The most important thing is that the lure is somewhere in the 10mm range and even a little smaller.

And most of all test the lure prior to start fishing so you can calculate exactly the perfect swim of the lure according to speed of your boat! I always watch the lure swim by the boat whenever i test a new lure.

the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


jien lbierah mort gurnata shiha nrejjex ghat tumbrell xtrajt wahda b hames rixiet ghalxejn u pruvajt anki b l grauvell cutbait imma ma ghamilt xejn jew m'hemmx bhalissa jew andi xi haga hazina qatt ma qbadt wiehed minn fuq d dghajsa.  Imbad immur minn fuq l art bil konz bil vopi hajja u dejjem ndabbar xi wiehed ma nistax nifhem.  Plamti qatt ma qbadt x'lures tuzaw ezatt. By the way jien ghadni user gdid minn ghawdex .

Translation :

Yesterday I went for a day of trolling and I bought a line for Tumbrell with 5 lures but it was useless. I tried also the Grauvell cutbait but it was useless aswell. Maybe it's still early or I have something wrong as I never managed to catch one from the boat while I catch some when  using a longline and live vopi as bait.
I never caught plamti, what type of lures do you use ?
Btw I'm a new user from Gozo.

Kaptan Jr

aw siehbi jien il plamti laktar li jmissuni bil lure yo zuri fiha qisu 5 pulzieri. Andha darha bhal tal kavall skura

Translation :

Hi mate, I get most of my strikes from Plamti on a yo zuri lure about 5cm long which has its back same colour as a kavall.

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what is it called yozuri what please as there are hundreds of yozuri?


and also do you use weight at what speed and how far is it from boat and what thickness your line is?


If you look at the beginning of this topic there is more information my friend.When you post something try and check if there is the answer already.
Fishing,fishing ,fishing thats all i think about.


hi kaptan jr dik il lure tal yozuri x jisimha u zzid comb maghha?

Hi Kaptan Jr whats the jozuri called and do u add weight to it?

Kaptan Jr

Hi xjisimha eztt ma nafx habib ta imma qisa kavall. U jien namillha comba min dawk li tista taqlahom ax nuzaha mal qasba il lure.

I dont know the name my friend but it is similar to a Mackerel. I attach a spiral weight as i use the lure with a rod.
Katpan 15ft, Cuddy cabin and powered with twin 50hp TLDI Tohatsu outboard engines


ok siehbi thanks xorta

Thanks just the same my friend


Today went fishing with my friend Martin for Plamti. For first 2hrs we didn't have even a bite. From 9.30 till 10.30 managed to catch 2. Biggest one  weighed 4.5kgs and the other one weighed 2.4kgs. Unfortunately lost another 4(hooks were a little big - at least that's what we are thinking). Will try to post pics tomorrow.