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Started by akidd, August 01, 2013, 09:22:02 CET

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I've been looking for a charter(s) to go out fishing for spearfish and also swordfish.

I've contacted several companies with webpages in Malta and they either don't respond, have latest updates in 2010-11 or don't provide any real information other than "come see my boat".

Leads me to believe the charter fishing in Malta is either very, very busy or not very active.

Can someone suggest a good, reasonably priced charter where I might go out regularly?

Second, there is lots of contradictory information about when/where to target spearfish and swordfish.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!


Contact this guy on facebook, he does regular fishing charters and leaves port from marsaskala.
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Thanks Kris.

Do you know anything about seasons or any details around swordfish or the Mediterranean spearfish, Tetrapturus belone?


One thing I always tell people who post here or enquire is "Guys manage your expectations a bit". I've seen several posts from people wanting Big Game Fishing or specific species but they seem to fail to appreciate that whilst Malta is surrounded by Bluewater, fishing here is pretty tough and far from guaranteed for any specific species especially big game, unless you are wanting to for Alungi during Mid-June to Mid-July and then it's a pretty safe bet.

We're not in the Grand Canaries, Madeira, the US or Austrailia where Big Game catches are a lot more abundant, and the term big game tends to get thrown around quite loosely here in Malta. I prefer to call it offshore fishing myself.

You can go out offshore and "target" spearfish (Locally known as Pastardella) and present lures that you have had previous experience in catching them with, and go to your hotspots etc, but you can easily do 9 hours trolling and come back with nothing! You'd be consdiered very lucky to come back with a Pastardella and fantastic if you in fact do manage to land one.

I'm not aware of anyone actively catching swordfish trolling during the day and have never seen a post/report to that effect on the forum. Here in Malta Swordfish are are actively targeted by long liners at night and the minimum size for recreational fishers is 10kgs.

And finally there is the cost element where most of the dedicated boats that are set up with offshore tackle are charging at least €500-600 to charter the boat for a full day's trip, some offer it for less but with reduced hours.

Spearfish were being caught during the Albacore season but I think their peak is Nov/Dec/Jan, Swordfish are around from March through to November but more a night thing.

Hope the above helps a bit, How many people are looking to go fishing with you?


Thanks Skip.   I've fished in many of the places you mention and I wouldn't say anywhere (except maybe Panama) do you expect to catch anything in 9 hours unless you are really lucky.   I've gone out for a week and caught nothing in those "big game" waters.

If targeting a species is that tough, then I guess a charter is more for general fishing?

And cost is the biggest issue always!  :)   I have a crazy expensive hobby and rarely get to get a fix.  When I do I try to do at least some homework first.

I'm not real familiar with swordfishing.  In the gulf they also do overnights.  Do you know of charters that do that?

Again thanks for the informed reply.