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Started by placebo, June 12, 2006, 08:32:39 CET

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has anyone ever tried fishing in Holland?
I will have some time fishing in Zierikzee, which is some island on the west part of Holland.

Any tips on what kind of fish/ methods/ bait etc...... :'(
the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


Hi Placebo,
I live in Holland and we're going to visit Malta & Gozo in about 2 weeks. Surfing the Internet for info on fishing on Gozo, I was happy to find this forum. I would never have guessed that I was going to give advise about fishing in Holland here. I hope that my knowledge of the English language is good enough for you to understand me. Anyway, here is some Dutch(saltwater-)info.

About the kinds of fish:
To give you an idea of the catchable species (and times in the year to catch them) you might like the following link:
I'am afraid that most sites on fishing in Holland are written in Dutch. I hope you recognize the species from the pictures (if not, I can send you translated names, just let me know). Next some more species:

About methods:
When I go fishing from the beach (near The Hague) I use 2 rods (both ? 4 meters long). I make my own rigs; I use 3 hooks (types depend on the kind of fish) per rig and breakaway leads (125 or more depending on the weather and the roughness of the sea). I have the best results near the small peers when there is tidal movement. I usually catch seabass and flatfish (plaice, flounder and sometimes sole) this way.

I've been fishing from boats a couple of times. Best thing to do is get your information at the (boatrental)shop. Often you can buy rigs and bait there and rent a boatrod as well.

About bait:
When I go fishing I usually use Lugworms for bait. Also used as bait on the Dutch coasts are ragworms, razorfish and soft crab (I believe it's called Peeler crab in English)
Some adresses for bait (for Zierikzee scroll to Zeeland):

Other links of interest:
kinds of bait:

I hope you find all of this usefull and I wish you a very good time in Holland!

Greatings from The Hague - Holland,


Hi walter,

thanks for the info.
I had some good time there some 2 years ago.

I caught a lot of perch from Amsterdam red light also!

the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing


xi qbadt mir red light placebo :D  ;D  ;D


I think he caught red Snappers in the evening and Tracni in the morning ;D at least that's what I found on my last visit ;D but now back on fish discussions:)
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it's true!!!!!!!

on my last day i got no money left and all i could do was fishing.
i went in one of the canals and beleive me i caught perch on a tiny metal lure....until it got tangled to a tree and couldn't fish any more.
the fishing gods might have something for me tomorrow I'll be fishing