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New Members - Please Introduce Yourselves

Started by skip, August 28, 2008, 08:19:01 CET

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The number of members in the forum is growing on a daily basis, so it would be beneficial to all if new members post a small introduction so that everyone can get an idea on what they are interested in, where they are from etc.

The introduction might include:

  • Your home country
  • Your fishing style - What types of fishing you're interested in
  • If you have a boat, some details about it and where you are moored
  • A short general introduction about yourself
  • How you came across the forum (Word of mouth/a friend, google etc)

Not everyone likes to fill out their member profile so replying to this topic will help in many ways.


hi all,

i'm a newbie in this sport so as i'll do as i'm told. Will introduce myself :)

My name is Matt, live in St. Paul's Bay and own a 14ft open boat (Fisherman) powered by a 30hp Nissan engine. I like both deep sea fishing with reels and bait and also occasionally trawling sakemm nitlef il-pacenzja :) Anyway better than a day at work.

By profession i'm a physiotherapist working in Neuro Rehabilitation.

Got to know the forum thanks to Google!!

Great work guys, keep up the good work


Hello Matt,
Good to see you have posted an introduction. I too have only recently started reading this forum and I find it very helpful. I am sure you will too. Good luck.


hello Matt,

i'm kevin and from st.paul,s bay too, my boat is moored at tal ghazzenin bay

wellcome aboard

always want to fish.... why.... cos fun ux!!!


Name is Kevin

Live In Mellieha (Born in Canada).
Basically like shore fishing mainly spinning and as well bait fishing. When I have the chance.

I am a Art Director for a local newspaper, as well sports editor.

Found this forum on search engine.

And by the way, if you read my nick name you will know what football team I side with ;)




I just saw this section now, and since I am relatively new I'd like to introduce myself.

I live in Ibrag.  I work in a leading 5 star hotel.  I do not have my own boat, but my fishing buddy has one, and we mostly troll around the coastal area with live bait in late spring/early summer, lumpuki in late summer, and calamari from autumn to mid-spring.  I also make it a point to dedicate a couple of outings to alungi and deep sea fishing, usually with Chris of Fishingmania.

My preferred type of fishing is live bait, though I REALLY like jigging even though I get very little fishing time since I am not the boss on the boat!!!


wellcome aboard Matt. I am sure that you will find this forum of great help and interest. I to have a boat scirocco with 9.9hp outboard and moored at pont ta bugibba.



Hi all,
      My name is Kenneth I'm from Fgura and I have a 23ft Coronet powered my two isuzu 2.8 ( turob to be instaled for next year ) My mooring place is ta b'buggia . I'm interested in all kind of fishing from a boat exept vopi I also like spur hunting.
      I'v got to know with the forum thanks to Gazzetta.

      A big well done to all on the forum because it is of a great help for many pople that like fishing.
Coronett powered by twin Isuzu 2.8


Mela ejja ghid xi haga  :P
Ejja ha morru at tonn !!!   ;)

Chris  8)


My name is Martin,and Im a new member as well. My boat is 16.5ft Sea Rover powered by 85 Yamaha outboard. Im moored at xemxija. I happen to have an inflatable Rubber Dingy powered by 9.9 Yamaha. My main interest is spearfishing, although I do bottom fish, trolling and long lines. Ive got to know this site from browsing the yahoo.I come from Zejtun but live in the northern part of the Island.



Hi everyone, I'm Keith from Attard and I happen to like anything that belongs to the sea. I got to know about this forum through google and seems like it is a great place to gain knowledge and share experiences. I have a sea rover 128 powered by a honda 30hp from which I go trolling and bottom fishing, although this is the first year we went for lampuki with it. I have been out a couple of times for longfin tuna with my friends and with quite good success. I also like shore fishing, spinning, spearfishing, kayaking and some underwater photography. Would like to try kayak fishing for lampuki this year before the season ends.

Great forum, keep posting :)

Land rover on the ground, Sea rover on the water


Can't wait to go fishing