lampuki for all but me

Started by toxictuna, August 14, 2009, 09:44:19 CET

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went fishing for the second time for lampuki. at one time we where some four boats going around in 30m circles but it seems i was the only one not catching. I was using some 3 white plastic clamari with a small bead weight in there "head", was using fairly thin lines etc. Is my set up wrong? should i use another setup?


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Toxictuna....are you sure it was Lampuki striking?.. it is not usual that all 4 boats get strikes .  Whereabouts was this?


toxituna why were all ur lures the same colour. try different colour on a line ans if u start getting strikes on a particular colour change all ur lure sto that colour. If u have 3 lures say red, white and blue. then u should have a set up with 3 whites, another with 3 blues and another with 3 reds.
You could have also tried to put a weight on ur line try to go deeper.
Apart from all this did u wash ur hands with fragrant soap in the morning as that affects as well. Best thing is to rub ur hands in sea water before u touch the lures. sometimes even opening the gas tank can spoil ur lures.


Interesting about the gas tank, and a very good point Shanook. These last 2 years I kept my plastic lures in the same cupboard as the Fuel Tank, and the boat spends a day at sea in the sun. Will definitely take them out from there as now that you say it, it might explain why I am more succesfull with friends when I take lures from home, than when I am with the boat.
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actually i oversimplified before. we had two lines and one had some purple lures. The gas tank thing is true. In fact i try to fuel up the day before the trip or at the end and leave the fuel in portable tanks. Does any one use real squid strips
, i would liek to know how to set them up?


ciappinu if they were with the fuel the best thing to do is throw them away lines and lures. Ayway I always change my lures and lines at least every two years. Fish seem to like the smell of new plastic.


I change mine every season. Also i change leaders each time we go out


You can notice that in most occasions,when you use a new lure you get better results.Thats what happens to me especially in squid fishing.


with the bites i have to change them every time i fish

the problem lies in the fact that you touched some fuel fumes, if you putv your hand near a fuel tank it is more than  enough

keep with you the brownish posidonia that really removes fuel smell. and vary the lures and colours, sometimes the stranger the lure the better

Good season so far.....


What is the brownish posedonia?
And is olive oil good to wash the lures from sea water and not repell the fish?
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Hi,can anyone tell me were i can find some fads closest to imsida?Pls send pm tks.
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hi camkev,im sure you can find some near "ghajn tal-hesselin" after a good night's rain! lol!


the brownish posidonia is the one near jetties and "hafiet"(boulders)-submerged

you will  identify it very easily, it is of maroon kind in yellow and smells nice, always works removes odor very easily!

it is an alternative to soap for me, as soap is polluting at sea
Good season so far.....